Uu Viet Solutions supplies the professional sevice of domain name register, including: Vietnamese domain name and international domain name (Enom domain name – Directi domain name). With 3 following steps, you are able to register and own your trade name quickly
Information of registering domain name
We will activate and hand over the domain name management account after 24h from the date of receiving payment from customer. However, in some special cases, to register the domain name quickly and avoid of losing domain name, we will register prior to procedure completion.

For Vietnamese domain name, when you register and complete the procedure, the certificate of Vietnamese domain name will be issued. The certificate of domain name will be only sent to customer via post or directly after register.

Procedure of registering domain name
Step 1: Check the existence of domain name and carry out online domain name register in 3 steps on Uu Viet.
Step 2: You will pay for the charge of domain name registered at Uu Viet
Form 1: Door-to-door collection
Form 2: By transfer via bank of internet banking to:
Vietcombank – Vietnam Bank for Foreign Trade
Bank account No.: 0071002979121
Account holder: TRAN THANH HUY
Branch: HCMC

Form 3: Directly pay at the office of Uu Viet
Step 3: Uu Viet carries out issue and deliver of domain name, hands over the domain name management account and implement necessary supports as required by customer.

The remarkable notes when registering and using domain name:
The domain name is your tradename on Interner. The domain name is unique and is issued according to prioritized order of prior register entity. If registering the domain name late, your domain name may be owned by your competitor. To construct and protect your tradename, Uu Viet suggests you registering the domain name right now.

The owner of domain name is responsible for all related to the information of domain name, operation management of domain name, ensures to comply with all stipulations of Vietnamese laws.

The entity who registers domain name should initiatively pay for domain name maintenance charge. Generally, prior to 30 days of expiry, Uu Viet will inform you via email or telephone to remind you to pay for maintenance charge.

When needing to change the information of domain name management, you fill in the appropriate form of information change and send to Uu Viet. The domain name management information must be correct to avoid the case of losing domain name when the information is sent to wrong address (noticed address, email) of the entity.
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