Uu Viet Email Hosting is the optimal solution for the companies that want to have a professional, credible and effective email system.
The email hosting service is supplied on a foundation of powerful server and independent email use with specific domain name with optimal configuration for email service, together with effective anti-pam and antivirus solutions, ensuring the emal transaction activities of customers be always stable and quick.

Main features of service:
Set up email address according to specific domain name.
Professional control panel.
Easy-to-use user interface.
Allow to check email on Outlook and Webmail (POP3/SMTP/Webmail).
Weekly periodical data storage.
Set up incoming-outcoming email mode.
Control incoming-outcoming email flow.
Email autoresponder.
Anti Spam/ Anti Virus/ Anti Bombmail.
Ease to upgrade/enlarge without interrupting the service.

The friendly interface with all preeminent and easy-to-use features allows the users to check email even on Outlook and webmail. On the other hand, the professional administrative control panel enables the administrater to set up options in details to each user and incoming-outcoming emails. With Uu Viet email solutions, it is guaranteed that receiving Email offline and online between two systems will be clear, fast, stable and highly confidential.
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