We work hard, incessantly make great efforts with determination to “Become a leading prestigious company in supplying Uu Viet software of human resource management, online sales solutions.
We commit to offer Customers and partners the most advantages and satisfactions by supplying Uu Viet personnel management solutions, cost-effective online sales website with flexible expenses. We direct to a Company with community culture for the development of each employee and contribut into common development for Prosperous Vietnam.
We have 5 principles which have never been changed; they are the lodestars for all activities of Company. We called them "5 kernel values;i"
Kernel values
Straightforward – Commitment:
This is the significant value that forming the style of Uu Viet, presenting an image of a credible company which always keep its prestige via long-term commitments with its customers, partners and friends..

Devoted to customers:
Uu Viet will not able get success if this essential value in the field of service supply is lacked. Uu Viet always puts the goals and benefits of customers on the top and makes great efforts to implement the commitments with customers for the developmental target of customers and of Uu Viet.

It is the manifestation of a company which always strives for the goals of setting up high quality staffs, proficient experts and actually competent managers. Besides that, the quality control process in all Company’s activities must be built up according to a unanimous, effective and constantly improved standard. This is the long-term, throughout and constant developmental strategy that Uu Viet exerts to improve at any time.

The most significant value of Uu Viet is human being. The comradeliness presents the share, connection, cooperation in completing the common developmental targets of organization, society and sincere life among people and people.

Humanity – harmoniousness:
This is the principal cultural feature that Uu Viet has mutually built up, maintained and developed for more that last 7 years. Uu Viet has always ensured preferential policies and taken care of all employees through the preferential policies, supporting and creating conditions as well as encouraging the employees to uphold their competence themselves. Besides that, the harmoniousness of Uu Viet is expresess through the construction of healthy working and playing environment, mutually loving, respectful and supportive lifestyle; it is a cultural feature of specific charaters and upholding traditional values of Vietnamese.
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